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The Writer's Journey

To all my beautiful soul sisters in Christ, this one is for you.

I create and write this blog with hopes to fulfill my purpose to inspire, encourage, and empower. My life's journey has been nothing short of tedious-- I mean we all experience our own life tragedies-- but journaling my pains, my fears, and my hopes and then giving them to God has been one of the most evident ways I've been able to feel His presence and His power. 

So this one is for all my beautiful soul sisters who may be going through, or who may be struggling to stay up, or who may be feeling alone or all of the above. 

I am choosing to continue my journey of becoming. . . 

This blog is for all of us that need a little inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment to get through the day so that our God- given purposes may one day be fulfilled. 



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