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Random Moments, Reminders, & Responsibility

Throughout my entire faith-filled upbringing, I was told that Jesus speaks to us in a still, small voice. I was taught that if we want to hear, to engage, to listen to Him we have to be intentional in the quiet time we spend with Him. However, in my adult life, I have found the contrary to also be true.

As of late, Jesus has been speaking to me through random moments and experiences-- not necessarily a still, small voice. And that's not to invalidate the need to spend intentional quiet time with Jesus. (Please, spend intentional quiet time with Jesus. It is very much needed.) My objective through this post; however, is to encourage you all to acknowledge the random moments and experiences that Jesus will use to remind you that you indeed are being used by Him, that you're doing a good job, that He's keeping His promise to you.

Often times, I find myself doubting and discouraged about my progress or the lack thereof. And at the very moment I start to question my belonging, my skill, my ability, God sends me affirmation by way of an encouraging word from a distant friend, a baby step of progression, a dream, a conversation, a passerby, and so many other regular life moments. I have to recognize that Jesus lives in all of these moments. They are the manifestation of my diligent efforts, my obedience. I find it so easy to just stop doing the work of my purpose. I get comfortable-- and dare I say it lazy. I had to learn, am still learning, how to maintain my mental and spiritual fortitude.

One moment where Jesus just completely shook me was when He revealed this to me:

We are chosen to fulfill some purpose through whatever we are gifted with. We are to use our gifts to draw more people to Him and bring Him glory. He goes before us and sets us up so that we are in position to fulfill the purpose. While we are in the Earth and on this journey of fulfilling His purpose we are serving as a portal to bring Heaven into the Earth. The work we do toward fulfilling His purpose should be exposing people to the promise of Heaven. Here’s what shook me— when we are disobedient, or comfortable, or lazy we delay somebody else’s blessing that our purpose otherwise would have been a part of. We disturb the overall fulfillment of what God wants to do through us. How powerful is that? I don’t want to be responsible for someone not experiencing the goodness of Jesus. It is my prayer that God continues to trust me with this responsibility as He navigates me through this journey.

So, Beautiful Soul Sisters, pay attention to how Jesus is trying to remind of your progress toward your purpose. Your efforts are not in vain. Praise God and give yourself a little more credit. Take advantage of every opportunity to be used by Him.

Happy Journey,

xoxo-- Jess


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