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Glittering Skies and Beautiful Smiles

When I look toward the sky and feel the sun shining on me, I feel the Son shining on me and it makes my heart smile-- to know that I'm walking in my purpose and doing the right thing. It makes my heart smile to know that there is peace that surpasses all understanding when I trust in the Lord and I don't need to worry, I don't need to plan, I don't need to figure, I don't even need to understand. I just need to trust God.

There is something beautifully peaceful about the concept of walking in our purpose. But its only peaceful when we're actually doing it and until we allow God to reveal our purpose to us and we are obedient to that... it can be chaos.

In Jeremiah 29:11, God promises to bless us "with a future filled with hope-- a future of success, not of suffering". So why is it, that we often times doubt God and worry about our future? For me, I like to have control-- or at least think I have control. I like to feel secure in the idea of knowing what is ahead of me-- that I have my life figured and planned out. And after all this figuring, all this planning, we still feel lost and confused. I've come to learn that this state of being lost and confused is our own doing. We like to blame it on the enemy all of the time, but SOMETIMES we get in our own way. We try to force things that aren't right yet, or we try to force things that are just all wrong. We get so attached to these ideas that are far off from God's good and perfect will, and then we say God left us or He isn't listening-- when in fact, we stopped asking and seeking His guidance.

Look at the picture. That is God's wonderful and miraculous work. If He can make clouds float on top of trees, make the sun glitter in the sky and me bold enough to sit on a cliff, why won't we let Him direct our paths?

So, how do we get to this beautiful place of peace that is walking in purpose?

There is no end all, be all answer to that question. Actually, my answer may very well be largely different from yours. So. . . how do YOU find the peace of walking in your purpose? Leave your comments below or share them on social media. I challenge you to answer this question for yourself, because when you do, you take the first step toward finding the peace that you're after. And when God starts to answer you and guide you. . . let Him.

Happy Journey,

xoxo-- Jess

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