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Stressed, but Still Blessed

Okay y'all. . . I know many of you are wondering what happened last week. I can't even tell you. Last week stressed me all the way out and time got away from me. That's so not an excuse BUT it is an example. As often as we like to think that we have it all figured out or as perfect as we think we are. . . we can still get stressed beyond measure and stretched beyond our means.

Even through all this stress, we are still blessed. I've been in quite a funky mood these last few weeks and I'm not really sure why but I seriously needed a reality check because I could feel myself losing the things I had worked so hard to build and the things God so fervently wishes to give me. So I took the weekend-- most of it anyway-- to get my life together.

To shake my funky mood I closed my door and turned my praise and worship playlist on and just surrendered before the Lord. I also had to put somethings into perspective and remind myself that His yoke is easy and His burdens are light and as long as I trust Jesus, everything will be alright. (peep my lil' rhyme, lol)

This week has been better for the most part but it is still very busy and very chaotic with mid-terms, practices, meetings, interviews, and I could keep going, but through all the disappointments of October, God remains faithful and good to me because I'm still here. It's not today, but I'm keeping the faith that one day everything will come together and fall into place the way it should. I saw a quote on Instagram today that said "The journey isn't perfect, but the purpose is. Never doubt the path God is taking you on. He knows what's best for your life." The quote really resonated with me because, I think for a hot second, I forgot that. I'm back on track though.

So I'm going to do some very much needed Self-Care this weekend so that I can keep it pushing. How do you self-care when you feel yourself feeling stressed? Share your thoughts or comments below or on social media!



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