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Comparison Can't Win

Beautiful Soul Sisters. . .

It's been a while! School has been straight up kicking my butt. I needed to step away to get things together and to be completely honest, they still aren't. And to be even more transparent, I don't even know where my head has been lately. I've been feeling so stagnant and delayed and frustrated and overwhelmed and a bunch of other things not given by God. BUT what I do know, is that I'm grateful for every single day that I get to wake up and keep trying.

Some days are better than others, but I will say I've realized a subconscious habit of mine that has surely been taking a toll on me, on my spirit-- comparing. The Holy Spirit has definitely been speaking to me through some very subliminal methods and I'm still learning to stop comparing my path, my results, and my journey to others. I don't have a solution, but I do have proof of exhaustion and fatigue that has kept me from doing the things that I need to be doing, the things that I've been called to do, and that my beautiful soul sisters is disobedience.

Not doing what we're called to do is equivalent to being disobedient. So. . . I'm trying to be more and more obedient with each day that I'm blessed to live. I don't want to forego this amazing opportunity to inspire, encourage, and empower others through my words. So I challenge each of you reading this blog to remain obedient or to try being more obedient. Don't let comparison steal your joy. Declare your joy each and everyday as you focus your energies toward your purpose. Focus so that you can finish your task and your ministry be a testimony to God's grace and mercy.

Besides, you feel better when you're thankful for where you are and what you have instead of always worrying about others. Focusing on God's Will feels so much better than focusing on what you don't have-- you have everything you need for where you are and as soon as you need something more to go somewhere else, God will give it to you. So, if you feel stagnant maybe you need to reevaluate your faith (dang that was a word for me). . . wow

Beautiful Soul Sisters, I don't know about y'all, but I am tired-- tired of being tired. So I will be taking the time and space I need to reevaluate my faith so that I can keep moving forward and remain obedient and I hope you all elect to do the same, if you need it. For all my fellow college students, good luck on finals! To all my career women, there's still time in 2018 to accomplish whatever it is your heart is desiring (but trust God's timing lol).

Don't Let Comparison Win, Happy Journey.

--xoxo, Jess

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