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The Beauty of the Hallway

Okay Beautiful Soul Sisters. . .

This has been a rather eventful week, and I would definitely call this phase of my life "the hallway".

I've been so caught up with everything that's behind me and everything that is ahead of me that I've forgotten to thank God for my transitional phase. The phase where He is preparing me for my greater that is to come!

The other day I went to sit with my former professor just to catch up and hang out for a little while-- little did I know, she was going to really speak life into me. I was venting about all of my failed attempts to find a job and and all of my "quarter life crisis" dilemmas and she told me to pay attention to my hallway and referenced the picture on the right. And man. . . I was absolutely blown away. God has been preparing me, transforming me this whole semester for my next phase.

The hallway is where God will do some amazing works, and we don't even realize or we don't pay attention to it because it's the glamorous thing we've been hoping for. But maybe we aren't ready to receive that glamorous thing yet. Maybe we aren't ready to fully appreciate that heart's desire we're longing for. So, we need a door closed before another one can open, and while we're waiting for the next door to open God is going to transform us, to prepare us for that thing so that we don't waste His blessing.

And now that I think of it, I am so very grateful for the ups and downs I've experienced because I am who I am because of them. I am whole heartedly committed to this ministry I've been given. I am actually being obedient and walking boldly in my purpose and 2 years ago, I wasn't ready for this.

Beautiful Soul Sisters, I challenge you to reflect on your journeys and be grateful for your transitional phase because that just means God has something big in store. And remember last week, how I said "as soon as you need something more to go somewhere else, God will give it to you"-- well I am living that RIGHT NOW!! And I am so excited to be a living testimony of His grace, mercy, and favor!

Y'all God is so real and so faithful and I don't know how else to convince you to at least try Him. I have a few praise reports to share but I'm gonna save them for another blog. Just know that trusting Him with your whole heart, and letting Him be God in your life is the best decision you could ever make. Don't be afraid of your hallway.

Happy Journey,

--xoxo, Jess

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