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Still Becoming. . .

Okay so. . . I promised I'd share a praise report with you guys but first I want to take the time to just say thank you all for your endless love and support. I've been put in a position to do some really amazing and fruitful work through this ministry and I am beyond grateful for the people that pour into me. The growth I've seen in myself and in those around me has been unfathomable and I give all the glory and honor to God who makes all these things possible.

In efforts to encourage myself and not focus on the negative side of it all, I always told myself and shared with you guys that I was content with not knowing what was coming next for me. To be completely honest I was straight up STRESSING-- like not taking my own advice at all. I'm still learning too, y'all, and it's hard! But God kept using me and kept speaking to me through those closest to me.

I have had failed interview after failed interview. I failed one too many exams and was failing a class, along with innumerable meetings, events, and other obligations. I began to count myself out before I even let God manifest.

Long story short, God has been showing up and showing out this last homestretch of 2018. I am anxiously excited to see how He's about to blow about 2019. Beautiful Soul Sisters, I just want to encourage you to let God be God so that He can manifest all of His promises to you. You are STILL becoming! You STILL have so much more to accomplish. God hasn't given up on you, so why would you give up on you?

Times get difficult and the going gets tough but if God didn't intend for you to do great things, He wouldn't have to prepare you for anything. Find beauty in the little things-- like the way the trees reflect on the lake-- and know that God can reflect His wondrous works on your life. He can reflect the desires of your heart onto your reality. Remain steadfast in your journey of becoming. Also... sidebar I find it very... interesting that Michelle Obama chronicled her life's journey in a memoir entitled Becoming (major goals btw, because I definitely aim to write a book one day). I'm not sure what God is telling me or what doors He's opening up but I trust that He's doing something in the supernatural realm for this ministry.

You guys I am so passionate about this work and so very much in love with Jesus. He is so for real and you need to try Him if you haven't! Merry Christmas, Beautiful Soul Sisters. I hope and pray that you find the joy and peace of Christ this season, among all of the other things you asked for for Christmas-- ha! Remember to take time for self. Yes it is the season to give, but we get caught up in the haste and expectations of gift giving that we over exert ourselves-- self care is the best care! You can't become your fullest potential, if you don't pour into yourself (still learning this lesson myself).


xoxo, Jess

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