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He Promises. . .

Beautiful Soul Sisters, God is so awesome! He is so worthy of all the glory, honor, and praise! He is faithful and I am beyond undeserving but I humbly bow in gratitude for His grace and mercy! Despite all the chaos that life keeps throwing at me, I keep deciding to embrace my crown of life that God has promised me. Through every test and trial, I know that God has promised me a tremendous testimony.

Although there is so much more life for me to live, I am grateful for the promises that He keeps for me each and everyday. I just want to use this post to encourage you all to be patient and to remain steadily faithful to God because He will always be faithful to you. . . not much of a lesson here.

Also, do know that God's timing is perfect. Sometimes patience becomes angst as we go through each day waiting for God's plan to unfold, and we have to be aware of that because angst becomes seeking control, and if we begin to try and take control of our journeys then we are forcing God out of His place as sovereign. Therefore, we must make every effort to remain steadfast and patient and trust His promise. So how do y'all embrace your crowns? How do you ensure that you allow God to be God every single day? At this point . . . I just let things be. I am so young, with so much life left and I don't want the pressure of making sure that it all goes right, so why not let God have it? Regardless of your age, or where you are in life, God can still use you. He can still do a great work in you, through you, and for you-- He promises that.

That is all. Be encouraged Beauties. Like, Share and Comment! Let me know what it is that you want to read more about.

Happy Journey,

xoxo-- Jess

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