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Steadfast & Faithful

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."-- Romans 8:28

Keep your head up and hold on to your faith! God got you! It'll be alright! Just pray about it! All of these phrases are things we tell ourselves, in order to feel good and encouraged about whatever our circumstance is. These phrases are a good place to start but what happens when you still don't see change or results? These phrases spark that good bubbly feeling within our spirit but the act of faith-- not the noun-- is what really gets you through the circumstance without falling apart.

The difference between the noun and the act of faith is simple. The noun faith is the feeling associated with trusting and believing that God will work it out. The act of faith is trusting and believing God will work it out, fearlessly and without disruption within your spirit.

It feels good to say, "God got me" and "I prayed about it, I'm good", but what are we actually doing to be well within our souls? Faith alone isn't sufficient to combat temptation, sin, depression, anxiety, etc. We have to do the work of staying in relation with God so that He can combat those things. It is the work of staying close to God that we even have the opportunity to grow our faith.

I use this photo, because it was taken about 3 weeks before I embarked on my latest chapter of life. I felt powerful and fearless because I knew that God had already gone before me. I could say with all confidence that God was calling me to a higher purpose and I was excited to see how His plan would unfold and how His promises would manifest. I was acting in faith because although my current post-graduate internship is 3 months, I signed a 12 month lease. I am trusting, daily, that the work and effort that I do towards my purpose will manifest in unfathomable ways. I am trusting, daily, that God did not bring me here or give me these opportunities, just for me to fail. It is my duty to remain steadfast and faithful to Him, so that I do not become consumed with what is secularly important. Because God works in all things for the good of those who love Him and are called, I am empowered and strengthened. Why wouldn't I want to further my relationship with God? Why wouldn't I want to spend time in His presence? Why wouldn't I allow Him to take control and have His way? I mean... His way is perfect and I swear I'm a perfectionist, so it's only right.

Beautiful Soul Sisters, I challenge you, and myself, to stay in close relation with God everyday so that your faith is working for you, so that works and efforts aren't insufficient, so that your faith and works are within God's will and you allow Him to unleash His might and wonders upon your life. 2019 is half way through, but it is the beginning of a new month-- make the most of it! It is never too late to begin again and recommit. Whatever you are struggling with, I pray that God gives you the strength and courage you need to persevere. You and your purpose are worth fighting for, because God saw fit to create you and give you life.

Happy Journey,

xoxo-- Jess

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