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Honoring Obligations & Desires

Well hello hello, Beauties.

I hope the holiday season has brought each of you rest, wellness, and joy. I know I have thoroughly enjoyed my little hiatus. But this week I am back and I want share some thoughts and discoveries I've been grappling with as 2021 wraps. This isn't your typical "new year, new me" dedication, nor is it a list of promises and resolutions for the new year. This post is solely food for thought, a nudge on your perspective.

Have you ever found yourself caught up in chaos, overwhelmed by all of your priorities? Have you ever found yourself lost in wonder, overwhelmed by intrigue and excitement? I've experienced both and there is a fine line of difference between the two phenoms-- at least I've recently discovered this fine line for myself. The difference being the associated obligation and/ or desire with a task, event, commitment, etc.

What comes to mind when you think of an obligation? Cleaning the kitchen? Cooking dinner? Or maybe, staying up an extra two hours to perfect a report or presentation? Arriving to work an hour early to prep for a meeting? We do these things because we often feel obligated due to the role or position we have or the one we are striving for. Nevertheless, when this list of "obligations" gets too long and overwhelming, we lose the spark, the motivation, the why behind the task. There is absolutely nothing wrong with obligation. Obligation is good! It helps a person take responsibility and ownership of something. Obligation becomes not so good when you become consumed by the task or commitment and lose sight of why you've been called and assigned to it.

Now when you consider a desire, what do you think of? Binging your favorite series on Netflix? Having an extra glass of wine? Or maybe, treating yourself to a sweet treat? Indulging in a bubble bath coupled with your favorite candle? But pause. . . how often do we grant ourselves these desires? How often do our "obligations" take precedent? Which desires are taking precedent over your obligations? There is nothing wrong with desire. Desire can also be good! It helps a person retreat and relax. Desire becomes not so good when the source is out of alignment with God.

As the new year approaches, consider God's promise to grant the desires of our hearts and fulfill His purpose. Pray a prayer of gratitude, discipline, and patience as He reveals and guides you on His purpose for your life. Shift your perspective from overwhelmed to grateful; from chaos to peace; from stressed to blessed. Take a moment to acknowledge where you might be out of alignment with God because His grace is sufficient and He never gives you more than what you're capable of handling. As I write out my new year goals, manifestations, and affirmations, I will be cognizant of honoring those things I am obligated to do and those things I desire to do. Both of which I pray bring me a step closer to honoring God's will and purpose.

Beautiful Soul Sisters, get lost in adventure and wonder, get excited about your boss moves! Honor who you are in Christ and who God is calling you to become. There is much more life to live. Here's to a new year of beautiful moments that glorify God.

Happy Journey,

xoxo, Jess


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